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Illuminate - Webinars
  • can hold a free public webinar in illuminate if it is public and free
  • National Middle School Association - weekly sessions
  • global awareness
flatclassroom - Julie and Vickie

Future of

EduWiki US


Creating Global Professional Networks

Dom Salvucci

Web 2.0 Tools for Collaborative Learning

Karen Ditzler

A wall with postit notes
just give students link no account needed post onto your webpage
Set up a wall, give students the link, double click type name and message, and note will pop up.
great way to collaborate and share info
What is an adjective
ticket out the door - landforms
on google earth
everyone type something you know about landforms.
No student accounts needed

What do you know about????
Screenjelly - screen casting

build your wild self
create your own avatar

post link to your webpage
Post link immediately for use or immediately prior to student beginning
only 6 people can be logged in at once
first grade reading group
  • kids used typing tool to type word families into boxes
Vocab words
  • each student does one word then they can all see each others
Creating posters for earth day
  • if students working remotely chat window allows for collaboration
Brainstorm wall for verbs
  • activating strategy for verbs
Big Huge Labs
  • Motivational Pictures
  • Magazine covers
  • Trading cards - you can print a class pack
    • getting to know you
    • Characters
    • Animals

Now has creative commons pics to use within the voice thread site

  • Audio recorder
  • Record reading for fluency
  • Free no login
  • Get a widget to embedd on website

  • Sat tutoring
  • Creating video/images for SAT vocabulary
  • Jack Yu from MIT and Creator
  • Visual Learner
  • free

Web 2.0 in the Social Studies Classroom

Jim Gates
  • Classroom 2.0 SS
  • needs - current events, world persepective, bookmarks, alternatives to ppt, means for collaboration, forums and debates
  • zoomit
  • Aggregator for kids
    • pageflakes
    • netvibes
    • widgets to add

Google Search

  • Find sites and comment right on the page
  • Web highlighter, stickey notes and social bookmarking and more
  • Create group tags

Discussion Forums and Debates

Alternatives to PPT
  • slideshare + audacity add audio the slideshow just plays

pechakucha - form of PPT presentation style
  • 20 slides for 20 sec
  • only pictures, charts, graphics

  • mac envie

  • huge learning curve
  • Good for animations

Stay Current

Web 2.0 Guru

Cheryl Capozzoli