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Your Technology Team

Dave Sweigert x3223 – Director of Infrastructure Technology
Traci Landry x3230 – Director of Instructional Technology
Andrew Maya x3219 - Computer Technician
Matt Kurtz x3251 - Computer Technician (Middle School)
Phil Ayala x3233 – Computer Technician (High School)
Teri Shuey x3218 – eSchool Administrator/TAC/HAC/PIMS
Christen Manari - xTBD - K-8 Instructional Coach for Technology

The Role of Instructional Coach

for Technology

  • Support the instruction - Focus on teaching and learning and how technology can enhance it
  • Contact Us!
    • When you have an issue
      • We are your first line of defense!
      • Use the work order system
      • If we can't fix it we will find someone who can
    • When you need ideas for a unit or lesson
  • Demo lessons, team teaching, model for students, work 1:1 with students
  • Determine appropriate tool for instructional goal
    • Determine if technology should be used
  • Development of resources
  • Support Department Initiatives

District Resources & Information

Focus on Good Teaching

Projection Devices

  • HS and MS – every classroom has ceiling mounted or mobile cart projection device
  • Elementary and ECC – All teachers will have some type of projection device


  • HS –
    • BYOD
    • There will be ipod touches in the library for students to check out
    • Dept sets of ipads, netbooks and computers
  • MS -
    • 1:1 iPads
  • Elem -
    • iPads
      • K-1 - 6-7 ipads/classroom
      • 2-5 -6-10 ipads/classroom
      • 1-2 Desktop Macs in each classroom

Procedures & Policies

  • Acceptable Use Policies 815 and 815.1 (student version)
    Students and staff sign AUP yearly
  • Electronic Devices Policy 237
  • BYOD - philosophy and appropriate use
  • Records retention
    2 Year Email archive
  • Web Content Filtering
  • File server and email quotas
  • Do Not Photograph List


Work Order & HelpDesk

Connect ED

  • High Speed Messaging System for alerts, delays, etc
  • Make sure your contact info (addresses, phone numbers, etc)

eSchool by Sunguard

Our Student Information System (SIS)

Instructional Technology

United Streaming

Create your own account using your school specific passcode
  • Open Internet Explorer/DTSD Teacher Resources/UnitedStreaming
Building codes
  • ECC 3F6A-71A9
  • ES 3F6A-1584
  • MS 5F6A-C7AB
  • HS 93C8-68A7

Safari Montage

  • Open Internet Explorer/DTSD Teacher Resources/SafariMontage
  • Login in using your DTSD network login

Web 2.0 Tools

  • Google Docs
    • All teachers have accounts
    • All students 6-12 have accounts
    • Create your account for the first time
      • Username - First initial last name or whole email
      • Temporary password is PassworD
        • You will be prompted to reset your password immediately
        • Use your normal network password if possible

LMS - CANVAS or Edmodo

Learning Management Systems


  • All teachers are required to maintain a Homepage
    • From your homepage you can link to other digital resources
  • Missy Kunder manages the accounts
  • Training is part of Induction

Digital Media Tools

  • iMovie/Movie Maker
  • ibooks/Photo Story
  • Voicethread - DTSD Domain Account
    • Contact Traci Landry to set up account

Technology Workshops

Already Scheduled - Required for Induction

  • Schoolwires
  • Setting up Your LMS
  • Maintaining a Digital Classroom
  • Technology in the Classroom

Closure -

Chris Lehmann - Science Leadership Academy - Philadelphia -

"Technology should be like oxygen - ubiquitous, necessary and invisible." - Chris Lehmann