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What is Web 2.0?

Oreilly definition of web 2.0.
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What the HECK is web2.0 - Connected Classroom Links
Web 2.0 Wiki - Karen Fasimpaur
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In Other Words

Google Apps

What are Google Docs?

  • Documents (Word processing, spreadsheets and presentation documents) stored online
  • All documents housed on the internet, access them from anywhere
  • Collaborative, can have mulitiple people editing and contributing on the same document
  • Ability to view editing history
  • Free


What is Voicethread?

A web based slideshow or digital storytelling tool
Allows others to comment or collaborate on what they are viewing
You have the ability to control access, public vs. private
You have the ability to moderate comments that are made on your voicethread


What is a Wiki?

  • A Wiki is a series of webpages that anyone can edit
  • Wikis are extremely easy to edit
  • Wikis are collaborative by nature and typically have multiple authors
  • Wikis are very flexible and can be used for many different purposes

C3E3 Blog - Wiki Overview
You can create a Wikispace (free for educators)
Quick start for Wikispaces

Wikis in education:


What is a blog?

  • A blog, or web log, is a way to keep an online journal.
  • There is primarily one author.
  • Others can comment on and respond to the ideas of the author.
  • Blogs are a great resource for your own professional development.
  • Blogs are very linear and displayed in chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

Set up an account on Google Reader.
Quick start for Google Reader

Blogs to explore:
Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson)
Bud the Teacher (Bud Hunt)
Teach42(Steve Dembo)
2 Cents Worth (David Warlick)
Mobile Musings (Karen Fasimpaur)
Cool Cat Teacher (Vicki Davis)
Moving at the Speed of Creativity (Wesley Fryer)
TED Blog
Kathy Schrock's Blog
Literacy is Pricless - A blog for reading teachers

Blogs in education:.

Summary of Tools - Karen Fasimpaur